TEDxY@S 2015 was all about revolutions.

Born out of the strength of the industrial revolution, the city has reinvented itself many times. Now, building upon its industrial past, Pittsburgh is transforming into a center for innovation and a hub for technology and business. Local medical research is soaring, tech and entrepreneurship are flourishing, and art and culture are thriving. Pittsburgh is alive because of transformations and revolutions.

Read about our previous 2015 event below. Then check out our upcoming 2017 event.

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Raja, Host of The Raja Show, emceed our event, bringing a unique energy to the event’s atmosphere. Raja is an experienced and successful businessman as Chairman, Co-Founder, and CEO of CEI. Raja has worked with local groups such as Business Mentoring Roundtable and served as Chair of University of Pittsburgh’s Computer Science Industry Board to focus his efforts on his Pittsburgh community. He now runs his radio show right here in Pittsburgh.

The impressive speaker lineup included twelve individuals of various backgrounds and professions speaking on diverse topics within technology, healthcare, business, and the arts. We were especially proud to welcome an experienced TED speaker, Dr. Alan Russell, who spoke at the flagship TED Conference in 2006. Dr. Russell, the Executive Vice President and CIO at Allegheny Health Network, spoke on his work with regenerative medicine at this event. Joining Dr. Russell in healthcare topics was Dr. Srinivasan Suresh, the current CMIO at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, who spoke on his work with data analytics aimed at healthcare improvements. Representing the crossroads of the technology and entrepreneurship sectors were Matthew StantonPriya Narasimhan, and Lani Lazzari. Mr. Stanton is the CEO and Co-Founder of SolePower, a startup pioneering in harvesting reusable energy from walking. Ms. Narasimhan is the CEO and Founder of Yinzcam, Inc., a company that provides the algorithms and technologies behind the mobile apps for 140+ professional sports teams and venues. Ms. Lazzari is the CEO and Founder of Simple Sugars, an all-natural skincare company, which she founded at 11 years old. All three startup leaders spoke on their companies and innovations. Coming at the business sector from another direction, Rick Bullotta, an experienced leader in the software and startup world as the Co-Founder and CTO at ThingWorx, spoke on startups in relation to the “internet of things.” Bridging entrepreneurship and technology, Henry Thorne, the Co-Founder and CTO of 4moms, spoke on his work merging robotics with a user experience. A few speakers approached the arts from multiple angles: Harish Saluja, the Founder of the Silk Screen Festival and owner of local company New Ray Films, spoke on his involvement in the local arts scene, and Dervla McDonnell, representing the non-profit organization Future Tenant, spoke on Future Tenant’s visions for Pittsburgh artists and exhibitions. Rob Furman, an educator and contributor for the Huffington Post, focused on his talk on necessary education improvements and his national advocacy. Dr. Jacquelyn Core, recently named Provost of Waynesburg University, joined him to speak on higher level education. Finally, Heather Arnet, the CEO of the Pittsburgh-based Women and Girls Foundation, closed the event by sharing her experience and work with the non-profit organization.

TEDxY@S 2017 is in the works.

An equally exciting event is on the horizon for 2017. With some of our team members heading to college next year, we have space for new members. Interested in joining our student team or volunteering at the event? Let us know.

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