Welcome! We are so excited to launch TEDxYouth@Shadyside, and we hope you will join us in the journey to prepare our December event. Throughout the process, our blog will become a hub for information, and you can follow along with our updates. First, a little background:

TEDxYouth@Shadyside is the brainchild of a small group of local high schools students. Two members of our group, Shaan and Ishan, were previously involved with another TEDxYouth in the greater Pittsburgh area. Seeing the potential in a TEDxYouth event, they turned to organize their own event this year, choosing to focus it on Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is well known for its bridges and its professional sports teams and its industrial background, but we think its most unique feature is its transformation. It’s often said that Pittsburgh experienced a revolution to bring it from the soot-covered, steel-producing city it once was to the healthy, modern city of today. We see it in the midst of another revolution; this time, it is becoming a technology and business hub. Through the influence of local universities and corporations alike, the city is adopting a focus on sustainability and promising growth. This attitude is obvious in many sectors and projects, from transitioning neighborhoods to new medical research, from redevelopment of areas like East Liberty to stem cell research done in UPMC laboratories.

Our goal is to capture these changes and bring them to you at our December event. We are now in the process of curating a lineup of speakers. We’re reaching into art, medicine and business, drawing from nonprofit organizations and corporations alike, searching for both executives and small names. We truly would like to create a unique collection of perspectives and topics for our audience. Interested in adding to our speaker lineup? Apply yourself, or send us suggestions of interesting individuals. Announcements of speakers will be posted here as we confirm them!

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