We’re happy to announce another addition to our technology speakers, Matthew Stanton!

In 2011, a group of mechanical engineers studying at Carnegie Mellon University were told by their professor to “make a product that will benefit students on campus.” The result was an energy harvesting shoe with embedded LED lights, allowing users to travel more safely at night. The product earned the group an ‘A’, but for two of the members it was the start of a new company – SolePower.

Matt Stanton, along with colleague Hahna Alexander, saw greater potential in the prototype. Matt is an avid hiker, no stranger to the need of power while off the grid. Keeping this goal in mind, he joined Alexander to from SolePower to create a new and more reliable off-grid personal energy solution. By making the device more powerful, slimmer, and capable of storing the generated power, they could create a product that solved a problem for people around the world. With support from Carnegie Mellon’s Project Olympus as well as AlphaLab, a nationally acclaimed startup accelerator, they were able to launch SolePower and make their concept a reality. In the summer of 2013, SolePower became a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. In 45 days, the campaign gained over 600 backers, 60,000 dollars, and media coverage from around the world. The money raised helped fund product development and propelled the product closer to mass production.

Today, SolePower insoles are a power source as mobile as the devices they charge. They generate on-the-go, renewable power that will serve as an innovative, mobile energy solution for people around the world. SolePower plans to continue developing products that improve the way people power and interact with portable technology. Stanton will join us at the event to discuss his experience making SolePower more than a college engineering project.