Newest addition to our lineup: Rob Furman!

Dr. L. Robert Furman is an educator, leader, principal, student, speaker, and published author; but most notably, Furman is a true champion for education in the 21st century. As a former teacher and now administrator, Furman serves in the foreground of everyday education. From daily interactions with students and teachers, to working within his community to identify and build programs to further the reach of his school; Furman believes education is the true key to personal growth and community vibrancy.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from West Virginia University, Furman found his true passion in school administration which led to attending Duquesne University to gain his Master’s in Educational Administration. Since then, Furman has also gained his Doctorate in Instructional Leadership and has become an innovator in creating and encouraging progressive thought and movement within the field of education.

Currently, Furman serves as Principal at South Park Elementary outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and has truly become a sought after leader in topics surrounding the field of education today. While he travels the country speaking on a range of topics, Furman’s true passions revolve around leadership development, parent efficacy and involvement, and creating future-ready students by accepting and encouraging the use of technology inside of the classroom.

Beyond speaking at venues across the country, Furman is also a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post and has received several prestigious awards, such as being named in the National School Board Association’s “20 To Watch” in technology education.