Announcing Rick Bullotta

One of our final additions, Rick Bullotta! Rick Bullotta is the co-founder and CTO of ThingWorx, providers of an innovative application software platform for the "internet of things." ThingWorx was acquired by PTC in 2013. Rick was previously a vice president with SAP Research, responsible for research activities in the future manufacturing area. Rick was [...]

Announcing Harish Saluja

Announcing a man of many talents and much insight to share: Harish Saluja! Saluja is a filmmaker, painter, film festival director, engineer, publisher, writer, radio host and music aficionado. Originally from Punjab, India, he received a degree in engineering from IIT, Kharagpur, but always had a strong love of the visual arts, music and filmmaking. Saluja came [...]

Announcing Lani Lazzari

Welcome to our youngest speaker in the lineup! Lani Lazzari brings many years of experience having ventured into entrepreneurship at such a young age. Lani Lazzari is the founder and CEO of the all-natural skincare company Simple Sugars. Simple Sugars manufactures and sells all-natural sugar scrubs especially formulated for sensitive skin. Lazzari founded Simple Sugars in [...]

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