Revolutions take on new heights in 2017 with a lineup that showcases the large-scale innovations in research, transformations in medicine, and the emerging, new landscape of Pittsburgh. The event brings speakers from many various fields including research, small business, filmmaking, and medicine, whom together illustrate the many revolutions Pittsburgh has gone through and is going through right now. TEDxY@S 2017 is the epitome of what TED stands for: Technology, Entertainment, and Design, localized to Pittsburgh and its revolutions.

TEDxY@S 2017 is taking on new revolutions.

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It requires more than just one industry, individual, company, or research team to fully illustrate the revolutions in Pittsburgh. Our 2017 event is centered around the diversity of change, from gentrification, to medical advancements, to the small business culture that has consumed the city. We are continuing to add to our line-up, but you can find the current list of speakers along with updates here.

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We’re always looking to grow our team. With some of our members heading to college next year, we have space for new members. Interested in joining our student team or volunteering at this year’s event? Let us know.

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