April 15th, 2017

William Peduto

Ian Rosenberger

I have a theory…

Audrey Russo

Crafting Meaningful Work in a Non-Linear Career: Many Skills, Many Paths.

Sanjay Chopra

A Cognitive Journey: Application of AI to real world business problems

Costa Nikou

Evolutions and Revolutions: A Career in Surgical Robotics

Harley Baldwin

Game Developer as Cultural Professional

Corinne Clinch

Rewriting the Hero’s Journey for Your Revolution

Jenni Calihan

Take Back Your Plate—the Revolution Starts in Your Grocery Cart

Chris Ivey

East of Liberty: The story of gentrification in Pittsburgh told from the inside

Josh Lafazan

Community College to Harvard: How Community College Prepared me to Earn 2 Ivy League Degrees

December 5th, 2015

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